Why Solar?

The evolution of power and progress of mankind are closely linked and it has led to quite a revolution over the years…

As the progress continues, the demand for electricity goes up every passing day. The key to a better future is to maximize environment friendly renewable sources of energy for a cleaner, greener world.

Renewable energy will lead to growth as well as a safe and clean tomorrow! Solar power is fast emerging as a clean source of environment friendly power generation. It is helping us reach remote locations, supporting grids during peak load, reducing transmission losses, and combating pollution. Stationary generation without the requirement of any gears or bearings make it very reliable and flexible – from a households to a solar farms, everyone can use it!

We are part of this exciting revolution. We look forward to supporting customers with our passion, knowledge, technical expertise, commitment, hard work and experience.

  • Potential

    • Unmatched power generation potential of Solar 23000 TW, almost 10000 times of global need per year and available all years !
    • Indian geography is blessed with good solar irradiation resulting in high potential of solar energy generation.
    • Large “Un used Rooftop” of industry, commercial and residential areas are available just to generate power and use without any transmission losses ..
  • Pollution

    • 10 Cities of India are among the most polluted Top 20 cities in the world, Green power is the way to change the status quo
    • Contribution of solar energy is less than 5% of total generation, rapidly changing mix with more and more awareness in last few years
    • Tons of CO2 Emissions and barrels of oil can be saved using natural resources..
    • Solar energy allows us to contribute to nature and mankind through the Green Revolution ..
  • Population

    • India ranks second in world population, with high sun radiation location and still a large number of people 280 Millions not accessing electricity ! 
    • On grid and Off-Grid Solar solutions are strengthening grid as well reaching out places where traditional power and power distribution network is challenging
    • Basic need of power to all will be available with Solar Power in coming years 
  • Parity

    • Our Per Capita power consumption is 100 times lower than developed countries.
    • In terms of deficit for electricity access, we have the highest number of people in the world.
    • It’s time to change the situation and make progress by active participation as consumer of solar power for captive usage, that will help grid power to reach to all
  • Power Deficit

    • We have the highest number of people in the world without electricity access.
    • With help of solar power we can contribute to and strengthen the national grid.
    • Solar energy is our contribution to provide electricity to all people of India, irrespective of location.
  • Price

    • Increase in demand Globally as well at India has brought the economy of scale and solar power has become very viable commercially in last 2-3 years
    • Benefits like attractive depreciation for industry & subsidies for residential and educational institutes make it more prominent