• Environmental Savings

      CO2 Avoid due to your Solar Plants

      5600 Tons

      Calculated based on 0.8 kg/kWh

    • Total Yield

      Yield till date

      7000 MWh

    • Revenue

      Revenue generated till date

      56.00 M INR

      Calculated based on INR 8 / kWh

    * Update till 31th March, 2019

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  • Why Choose Environomics?

    Solutionising Energy and Utility Management Systems

    • Seamless Integration

      Solar PV system’s power is integrated with grid supply and it can be used to run all types of loads.

    • High Quality Components

      Panels, Inverters, Mounting Structures, Wiring and Remote Monitoring.

    • Guaranteed Delivery Timelines

      We guarantee delivery in our committed times frame, else we will compensate you for the delays.

    • Quality Power with Saving Opportunities

      Easy to consume Low transmission loses. High quality electricity.

    • System Reliability & Safety is Paramount

      End to End safety measures during construction and operation incorporated in various components of the solar plant.

    • Peace of Mind Thru Lifecycle

      Operation & Maintenance Contracts for 25 years (Lifecycle) with commitment on power generation thru contact

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